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For existing members on Memberful

Even though Patreon owns Memberful, the company that previously ran these memberships, there’s unfortunately no way to port over members from one platform to another so if you’d like to continue supporting the show, we ask that you resubscribe over on the brand new Patreon page.

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Since April 2018, Scratching the Surface has been funded entirely through paying memberships (first via Memberful, now Patreon). In becoming a patron, you get access to:

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monthly bonus content including exclusive interviews, book reviews, videos, and more.

1:1 virtual coffees with Jarrett (for students and Superfans only at this time)

The podcast itself — after five years and nearly 200 episodes — has been and always will be completely free. At its core, becoming a Patron is a way for you to say you love the show and want to make sure it continues in the world. Thank you, as always, for your support.